Implementation of Sterlingcoin is a community effort and we offer several rewards for your help.
Please do contact us prior to verify the reward is still eligible.


A well written article, blog post or similar will be eligible for a 100 SLG reward
(If written in two or more languages it will be eligible for a further reward of 50 SLG)


Software Suggestions

As Sterlingcoin is completely open-source, you can look at the software and suggest new features which you wish to see.
For any fix, change or new feature we will reward between 100 SLG to 1000 SLG


Merchant Referrals

If you successfully sign-up a new merchant to accept Sterlingcoin you will receive 500 SLG as a reward
(For every 5 merchants you will receive a 1000 SLG bonus)


Entertain Us

The development team puts in a lot of hours and we need a little entertainment whilst we are having a break.
Send us Sterlingcoin themed memes and other funny material and we’ll reward you with between 5 SLG and 20 SLG

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